Pulp Fans and Writers Galore

A couple of years ago, I, Patti Boeckman, wife of the illustrious pulp writer, Charles Boeckman :-), was tinkering around online and decided to type in variations of the key words, Pulp Aficionados. Lo, to my surprise, I called up links to some very interesting sites. I left a post here and there about my talented hubby and his writing background as a pulp author starting in 1945 and progressing forward. And, lo again, I got replies and emails expressing delight at discovering that he was still among the living. Our early contact with Gary Lovisi of Gryphon Press resulted in Charles being featured in Gary’s popular magazine about the pulps, Paperback Parade, volume #77. I periodically searched for other pulp key words and found blogs and individuals whose enthusiasm knew no bounds. Many write original pulp stories, publish anthologies, collect vintage pulp short story and book covers, and stay in touch with each other like fast friends. Hubby and I are delighted to have found this pool of extremely devoted, intelligent, and engaged individuals. We hope to use this site as a meeting place where we can exchange info in one place about the world of pulps. For those who don’t know, we are in the midst of putting together an anthology of some of Charles’ pulp short stories starting with his first sale in 1945. The book title will be SUSPENSE, SUSPICION & SHOCKERS. These stories involve mystery, suspense, surprise endings, subterfuge, murder, etc. We are novices at putting something like this together, so the going is slow, but we keep plodding on.

Please join us as we journey down the road of the rest of our lives.